Hair Extension Care

Our aftercare advice will help you to care for your hair extensions,  keeping the longevity of you hair extensions.

Your hair stylist will also be able to to give you the further guidance and recommendations to match your lifestyle and individual requirements.  You must attend 4-6 week regular maintenance appointments for your hair extensions to care for your own hair and your scalp. 

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  • Only use recommended hair products, at Allure we like to recommend the Showpony range. 

  • Apply conditioner to the mid lengths and ends ONLY. 

  • Be sure to attend your 4-6 week regular appointments with us to move your extensions up. If left too long in-between appointments, this is when damage to your hair and scalp could happen.

  • Avoid washing your hair more then 3 times a week.

  • Ensure low heat is used on your extensions while always using a heat protectant.

  • Try to avoid swimming with hair extensions. If you do, always plait your hair whilst swimming and then rinse with clean water straight after swimming. 

  • Always plait your hair whilst sleeping to avoid tangling. 

  • When brushing your extensions, always start from the bottom, gently untangling the hair working your way up to your scalp.