Braiding Care

It is important to care for your braids so that you can protect your natural hair and also keep the braids neat and tidy for the longest time. Here is a few simple steps and products you can use to care for your braids that will help you keep your braids neat and looking great.

How to use silky head scarf to protect your braids

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  • We recommend using either a silky head scarf, or a silk or satin pillowcase, while sleeping, to reduce frizz. 

  • Each day it is best to apply either mouse or hair spray to fix fly-aways.

  • Depending on the style, the braids should last 3 days to a week. More then 2 braids can last longer but must be taken out once they start to get messy or itchy.

  • It is possible to wash your hair with braids in, but must be done with care, in a patting motion, without scrubbing the braids. Only use SHAMPOO, no conditioner or oils.